Guide to Dining

Welcome to Washington Adventist University

WAU dining services are managed by Aladdin Food Management Services, LLC. Here at WAU we offer a program that meets the needs of today’s college student. Each year you will experience exciting changes, fresh menus, and new enhancements to your dining program. These changes are a result of the feedback and input of many students and staff members.

Dining Hall Meal Plan Info and Policies

Resident Meal Plans

 All residence hall students are required to purchase the meal plan. The plan entitles the student to eat in the dining hall for every meal. Students with meal cards have unlimited access to the dining hall during hours of operation.

Commuter Meal Plans

Commuter students are eligible for a student meal discount if they purchase at least 4 meals in advance:
Breakfast is $6.00
Lunch/Brunch is $8.00
Dinner is $8.00
Faculty, staff and students receive a discount with the use of their IDs.

Speak Up

This is YOUR dining service and we are here to serve you! We appreciate your input and feedback to better meet your needs. You can make your voice heard through comment cards or just introduce yourself and tell us what you think.

Special Dietary Needs

If one has a special dietary need please notify the dining services manager and your dietary needs will be met (i.e. allergies, vegan, special health restrictions etc.).

Meals On The Go

Take-out Meals: If a student has a school-related conflict with regularly scheduled meal times, a take-out meal can be provided with written permission from the appropriate department head.

Feeling bad?

We understand that there is nothing more miserable than being ill and unable to make it to meals.

A sick tray can also be provided with permission from the Residence Hall dean. Contact the Vice President for Student Life for details at ext. 4525.

Registered Dietician

We have a wealth of resources available to our guests, including the expert guidance of a registered dietitian. Arrangements can be made for individual consultations concerning any dietary need, such as sports nutrition, weight control, food allergies, or medically prescribed diets.

Special Events

Everyone looks forward to our monthly buffets and special events.  We have holiday-themed menus and events throughout the year.  Please keep an eye on table tents, banners, and events calendar informing you of what is coming.

Service Regulations

Your understanding and observation of the following regulations will guarantee smooth, efficient operation of the Dining Hall.

  • Students must present their valid Student ID cards for admittance into the dining hall.
  • Students are not permitted to use another student’s ID card to gain entrance to the dining hall.
  • Food and drink may not be taken out of the dining hall, with the exception of one piece of fruit per meal.
  • Polite, respectful decorum is expected in the dining hall at all times. Dress should be in compliance with the current student handbook.
  • We also ask that you abide by all of the Aladdin policies.
Sabbath Attire

To assist in establishing a special atmosphere for Sabbath, students and guests are required to dress in casual business attire or better, during the Sabbath hours (sundown Friday to sundown Saturday).  Appropriate attire for the dining hall must, at all times be modest, neat, clean with no rips, tears, etc. T-shirts/sweatshirts, sweatpants, tank tops, and beach footwear are examples of inappropriate attire.